Our delivery service is on every Monday to Saturday. Will be closed on Sunday. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. If you have any questions, please contact 018-2882526.
Hotline: 60182882526

Lollipop Fresh Market founded in 2018, mainly selling fresh Malaysian local vegetables, thai vegetables, fruits, some unique local products, and some imported goods. Lollipop Fresh Market under the slogan "Live alive and enjoy life", all fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered directly from Cameron Highland to our store every morning. Ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables are provided to customers so that everyone enjoys healthy and pollution-free fresh fruits and vegetables. The remaining fruits and vegetables will be treated in a special way to avoid leaving them the next day. For the requirements of healthy nutrition, the quality of fruits and vegetables is the biggest focal point. Vegetables are grown in their own gardens, allowing customers to buy fresh vegetables at the cheapest price. Established a good reputation in the community. In a time of hustle and bustle, balanced and healthy nutrition is essential. Diet is the most effective way to get nutrition. Fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables can replenish the nutrients lost due to the busyness of modern life and maintain a healthy and balanced body so that we can continue to be healthy and vigorous and continue to struggle for life.